Do you need a simple, practical timekeeping method for your business? We hear you! Automation has truly changed how timekeeping is done. Today, businesses of all shapes and sizes are able to make the most out of their time with automated technology for employee time and attendance. EASI offers a range of automated systems that offer an efficient way to reduce administration and labor costs while improving profit margins and productivity. The programs we provide for our clients enable extraordinary convenience and accuracy. We also understand that every company’s needs are different, so we offer various solutions tailored towards your specific business requirements. In today’s world where companies thrive off innovation, our solution is simple and practical- yet still capable of handling a diverse range of needs! You’ll never look back when using our automated timekeeping solutions

What is a Time and Attendance System?

EASI’s time and attendance software and systems are time clocks or cloud-based solutions that gather and compile employee information. The information is usually recorded and saved in the system so that you can maintain business records automatically. The information gathered may include: 

  • Work time (the starting and ending hours of shifts)
  • Breaks and meal times
  • Vacation and sick day usage and accrual
  • Productivity and task completion
  • Benefits accrual

Many of the programs or software applications, like those that EASI offers, are customized automated time and attendance systems to fit your specific business needs. 

Benefits of Using a Time & Attendance Automated Program

Employers across the globe are reaping the benefits of using a time and attendance system for employees. You could be one of them, right here in Mississippi! So, how does this system work to increase your company’s efficiency and profitability?

Increase Employee Productivity, Equality, and Satisfaction with Automated Timekeeping

Employees may feel frustrated if they are consistently conscientious of the clock while peers are taking long lunches, stretching breaks out, and taking advantage of a less successful time system. With the best automated time and attendance systems, time thieves are eliminated and employee morale, satisfaction, and equality are improved, ultimately leading to higher productivity. An additional benefit is the reduction of legal disputes with employees over hours and other payroll issues through accurate reporting and record keeping. 

Higher Accuracy of Employee Payroll and Benefits

Having a highly accurate time and attendance system leads to payroll precision and more accurate accrual of benefits and vacation. This provides higher employee satisfaction, decreases payroll labor costs for the business, and cuts down on small losses from time inaccuracies.

Mississippi State and Federal Regulation Compliance

For increased HR management efficiency, having an automated system is crucial as it regulates worker payment systems, ensuring accurate tax and benefit filing (don’t overpay or underpay!) and manages regulation compliance.

Improve Employee Scheduling with Automated Time and Attendance Systems

With a cloud based time and attendance system or a biometric time and attendance system, to name a few, you have the ability to review trends and cycles in your company’s work flow. You can identify busier periods, slower times of the day, month, or year, and analyze the number of employees required for any given trend. This will enable you to improve your staffing efficiency thereby increasing your profit margin! 

Performance Tracking Capabilities

With a higher emphasis on time tracking, business owners and managers are able to more effectively examine efficiency. This can help you determine productivity issues with employees, track project development, implement necessary training, and resolve associated issues. This will aid your team’s ability to meet company goals and deadlines. 

Best Mississippi Time Tracking Company

EASI offers a variety of methods for employee time and attendance including FlexClock, Hand Geometry, Standard Time Clock, WebClock, and VoiceClock. Learn more of the savings and benefits of using Automated Timekeeping Solutions for business by calling a representative or clicking here to start your 30 Day free demo. We look forward to helping you!