Are you an entrepreneur near Jackson, MS trying to decide the right HR approach for your company? HR outsourcing is a fantastic way to aid in growing the future of your business. At EASI, we know that most business owners have a full plate and simply can’t spend the time it takes to handle day-to-day HR tasks. Short of hiring your own HR team (with full-time salaries!), the best solution for your HR functions is an HR consultant who can take on those duties, easing your burden.

What Do HR Consultants Do?

  • Oversee employee recruiting and onboarding
  • Handle disciplinary actions, salary changes, layoffs, terminations and investigations
  • Have a high level of expertise in human resources solutions due to serving multiple clients with HR concerns
  • Provide access to important third-party resources for your business 
  • Reduce risks and loss with knowledge of current best practices, laws, and market trends 
  • Streamline HR processes for increased productivity and profitability

Do I Need HR on Demand?

If you’re trying to determine if now is the best time to hire an HR consultant such as EASI, consider these benefits of using HR on demand consultants. This should explain why HR consulting is important for businesses.

Recruiting Employees with HR Consultants

If recruiting efforts are taking a huge amount of your time, effort, and funding, using a human resources consultant is an easy solution. HR consultants on demand, such as those at EASI, have consistent access to a large hiring pool. We do all the screening, so you can rest easy knowing that we’ll find the applicant with the right qualifications for your needs. Having the top talent join your team results in more customers successfully served!

Legal Compliance with an HR Specialist

As your company grows, so will the necessity of knowing the ins and outs of legal compliance. HR services on demand ensure that you’re reducing your risk and staying in compliance with mandated state and federal regulations, as well as best practices regarding employees. This peace of mind is priceless! 

Increase Productivity and Profitability with HR on Demand

HR consulting services on demand are provided by Mississippi human resources professionals who are well-versed in how to make your processes the most productive and efficient as possible. At EASI, we monitor and streamline operations within your business, such as time tracking, performance reviews, employee goal setting, and so much more. Additionally, HR consultants in Mississippi can reduce loss of time and loss of organization by providing consistent support that might otherwise be overlooked. 

Employee Onboarding with HR Consultants 

One of the biggest reasons to hire HR consultants near Jackson, MS is for the employee onboarding services we provide. The time burden and cost of onboarding employees can be high which is compounded if your business has consistent turnover due to hiring candidates that are not the best fit. On demand HR consultants not only locate the top applicants with the right qualifications but we also take care of onboarding tasks. This may include documentation, orientation, training, etc. If conflict resolution or termination is necessary, we handle that too. Having the expertise of HR specialists results in a more efficient, smoother process for everyone involved. 

HR Consultant Services by Certified HR Experts

If you’re searching for the best business HR consultants in Mississippi, you’re in the right place! EASI proudly serves the communities of Byram, Jackson, Ridgeland, Flowood, Yazoo, and other areas of Mississippi, offering complete HR services on demand with professionalism and expertise. Our experienced and certified human resources professionals are available to address your Mississippi business-specific questions, and customize your HR services and documents. EASI’s Online Human Resources Support Center offers a virtual HR department with a broad base of online HR services including customizable handbooks, forms and job descriptions. Our monthly HR newsletter helps you stay current on upcoming federal and state regulatory changes. 

Does this sound like just what your business needs? Click or call your Mississippi HR consultant experts at EASI today!