The world of payroll taxes can be a confusing, time-consuming black hole for employers. Even the most informed and well-trained HR teams are often unable to keep up with all the necessary legal updates in this field. That is why payroll consulting firms like EASI exist that specialize exclusively in Mississippi business tax compliance. With the services of our payroll tax consultants or our payroll tax administration outsourcing team, you’ll no longer have to worry about your staff wasting hours sifting through IRS guidelines only to find yourself facing hefty fines later down the road! Employee satisfaction, your business reputation, and good standing with the IRS are all dependent upon accuracy and compliance in the payroll tax department. This is not an activity that can be left to chance and that’s exactly where a consulting HR firm for payroll taxes comes in handy.

What are Payroll Tax Outsourcing Services?

The best consultants for payroll taxes and companies that offer HR administration outsourcing often provide a number of services, all related to HR. You can choose HR consulting services, where the HR experts, like those at EASI, will provide strategies for improving your HR processes. Or you can select HR administration services, which is third party outsourcing of HR management. This would mean that the HR management company would take care of all your HR-related functions, including payroll taxes outsourcing services. Utilize a payroll tax consultant to streamline your processes and stay updated on current Mississippi business tax laws and regulations. With a consultant or outsourcing company for payroll taxes, services include end of the year tax duties, as well as federal tax withholdings, social security and medicare taxes, employee benefit deductions (and related taxes), and so on. 

Why Use a Payroll Service Provider for Taxes?

As a consistently top-rated Mississippi HR outsourcing firm, EASI strives to provide full-service HR consulting and administration services. Automating your payroll and tax processes will allow you to spend more time doing what matters most – running your company! EASI’s structured algorithm can simplify and streamline many of the tedious HR tax administrative tasks, reducing paperwork while saving you time and money. 

Our services include:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Access to General Employment Forms
  • Pay As you Go Workers’ Comp Administration & Reporting
  • No Deposits, Improve Cash Flow
  • Workers’ Comp Certificates on Demand
  • Annual Audit
  • Custom Insurance Quotes on Demand – All Lines
  • Standard Payroll Reports
  • Direct Deposit
  • Quarterly Tax Deposit Reporting and Payment
  • (Federal & State)
  • Annual W-2 Filing, Printing & Mailing
  • Garnishments and Child Support Payments
  • Online Employee Self Service Access
  • Employee Deductions (benefits, uniforms, etc.)
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Labor Law Posters
  • Time Off Accrual
  • Human Resource Support Center
  • Handbooks, Job Descriptions, Guides & More
  • On Demand Live Consulting from HR Professional
  • Custom Benefits Options
  • Health/Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Voluntary Plans
  • 401 (k)
  • I-9 Administration
  • and more!

Best Payroll Service Providers Mississippi

Taxes can be a difficult and tedious part of running any business. So, when it comes to payroll taxes, you’ll want to make sure that everything is as accurate as possible because the consequences are dire if something goes wrong. With such complex financials involved like calculations based on hourly wages, bonuses, deductions, or what type of benefits your employees receive, anything less than perfection can lead to headaches down the road both for your company and employees. That is why there are consulting firms like EASI who specialize in payroll tax issues!

EASI is the leading payroll consulting firm in Mississippi. With the combined expertise, experience, and team mentality of our staff, we assure that every client receives the high standard of service and attention you deserve! Our dedication to offering innovative HR solutions that save your business valuable time and money has allowed us to be one of the most top rated Mississippi payroll tax firms year after year!