Finding the best HR team to help your company succeed can seem like an impossible task. EASI has been helping small businesses in Florida find reliable and affordable human resources services since 1994! We know how important it is for you to focus on running a successful business while also taking care of employees who help make that happen every day. That’s exactly why we take care of all aspects of HR administration for you! 

When you outsource your human resources administration to a third-party HR firm like EASI, you save by hiring an HR expert rather than having an expensive in-house HR department. We’ll handle everything from workforce management and payroll, to employee benefits and your business taxes. All of this is done with your business success as the priority! One thing our current clients rave about most? Our unrivaled customer service – you have a direct line straight to our EASI team 24/7!

HR Management Services in Florida

Our Florida HR administration services include every provision when it comes to compliance with state laws such as minimum wage or overtime provisions; onboarding new staff members smoothly through training programs tailored specifically to individual needs; handling benefit plans so they’re always up-to-date with relevant benefits legislation; getting the best business insurance, and much more! 

Florida HR On Demand

Hiring an HR consultant or outsourcing management company in Florida is a great way to get fresh eyes on your company and solve any problems that have been plaguing work life. We provide valuable advice for talent management, benefits administration, and payroll services – which are just a few of the many different areas our team can help with!

Time & Attendance Workforce Management Company Florida

Automated timekeeping technology has become a powerful resource for businesses, both large and small. It’s designed to offer exceptional convenience in the workplace while also improving profit margins by reducing costs associated with administration or labor management practices – which is crucial for dealing with day-to-day operations at your company! We’ve created easy solutions to meet all these demands, including a variety of ways to collect time and attendance data: FlexClock, Hand Geometry, Standard Time Clock, WebClock, and VoiceClock.

Payroll Outsourcing & Tax Administration FL

EASI can help your business save time and cut costs with our payroll administration services. We offer a complete payroll management outsourcing in Florida to reduce the workload of employee payment processing and preparing tax returns (to name a few), partnering with you to efficiently manage your companies taxes!

Employee Benefits, Onboarding, and 401k Administration Services Florida

When it comes to employee satisfaction, it all comes down to benefits, successful onboarding, and 401k options! EASI utilizes our tried-and-true methods of hiring and retaining the best candidates while saving your company valuable resources. Outsource employee benefits through EASI and we’ll take care of your human resource needs from A to Z, including keeping your valued staff on board for the long haul! 

Best Payroll and HR Management Company Florida

When you choose EASI HR outsourcing in Florida, you’ll save time and money. We’re thrilled to provide the guidance of a Florida HR expert as your experienced representative to handle all your human resources administration needs. All it takes is a call to EASI today!