Do you need an automated timekeeping solution that will make your Florida business more efficient, save money on labor costs, and increase profits? You’re not alone. Today’s businesses of all shapes and sizes have seen a change in how they manage their employee scheduling with the introduction of automation technology for employees’ hours worked and tracking attendance. The benefits we provide extend far beyond just convenience – most organizations also report increased productivity, profitability, accuracy, and efficiency. If you operate a business in Homosassa, Tampa, Crystal river, Lecanto, Inverness, Brooksville, Spring Hill, or the surrounding areas in Florida, our EASI Automated Timekeeping System is your solution! 

Does My Business Need a Time and Attendance System?

If your company has been struggling with high payroll labor costs, inconsistent employee timekeeping, disputes over payroll or benefits accrual, or issues with productivity and morale, then a timekeeping software system could be the answer! 

EASI’s timekeeping and attendance software is a popular solution for businesses, as it not only gathers employee information but also saves business records automatically. Track your employees’ work hours (and more!) with our time and attendance software options

The information gathered may include: 

  • Starting and ending hours of employee shifts
  • Meal times and breaks
  • Sick day and vacation usage and accrual
  • Completion of tasks and employee productivity 
  • The accrual of benefits 

EASI offers a wide range of options which are customized automated time and attendance systems to fit your specific business needs. 

Why Use a Time & Attendance System in Florida?

Are you looking for a way to increase your company’s efficiency and profitability with less hassle? For employers across the globe, using time and attendance systems is an easy fix. And now you could be one of them! Here in Florida, it doesn’t take much effort or money at all to start using a timekeeping system for employees. Perhaps the greatest part of using such a system is an increase in employee productivity, equality, and satisfaction with automated timekeeping. What are some other benefits of using a time and attendance program?

Compliance with Florida Business State and Federal Regulations

Having an automated system is crucial for increased HR management efficiency. These programs regulate employee hours and payroll systems, which ensures that your business isn’t underpaying or overpaying employees, on taxes, or for employee benefits. Essentially, your business will gain regulation compliance, costing you less in red-tape and averting potential legal hassles! 

Use a Time & Attendance System for Higher Accuracy in Employee Payroll and Benefits

Having a top rated time and attendance system is key in reducing costs for businesses. A highly accurate one, like EASI’s, leads to payroll precision and higher employee satisfaction by providing a more accurate backend on benefits accrual, as well as vacation days that employees earn. This cuts down not only on the small losses from inaccurate times reported but also decreases labor cost for payroll and employee management staff.

Track Employee Performance with Automated Software

The introduction of time tracking software has enabled business owners and managers to more effectively examine the efficiency with which their employees work. This can help you determine what training is necessary for your team members, track project development, and even resolve issues that affect meeting company goals or deadlines. For this reason alone, it should be a priority in any enterprise’s arsenal of office management tools!

Employee Scheduling with Automated Time and Attendance Systems

Some of the more common ways companies track their workforce is through manual time cards, or paper timesheets. However these methods can lead to inaccuracies and overstaffing or understaffing, which all affect your bottom line. EASI recommends implementing a  time and attendance system that is cloud based or a biometric time and attendance system to improve scheduling.

Top Florida Business Time Tracking Company

In this day and age, many businesses are looking for a way to stay on top of their employees’ time. EASI is here with the answer! With our automated software systems for time and attendance that reduce labor costs while improving productivity, it will be easy for your company to keep track without any paperwork or fuss. It might sound like something only large companies can afford but we’ve got you covered no matter what size or type of business you’re running. 

EASI has a variety of ways to track employee time and attendance automatically including FlexClock, Hand Geometry, Standard Time Clock, WebClock, and VoiceClock. Explore the benefits and savings when using Automated Timekeeping Solutions for business with a call to our agents or by clicking here for a 30 Day free demo