One of the greatest ways to attract top talent, retain valuable employees, and maintain high employee morale and productivity is an attractive employee benefits package. Yet there are so many factors surrounding the selection and management of employee benefits that it can seem a daunting task to undertake for a business owner. With so many types of employee benefits out there, how do you know what to offer? How do you keep benefit administration costs affordable while ensuring that you’re offering competitive benefits packages? That’s where outsourcing employee benefits comes in. With employee benefits outsourcing companies in Mississippi such as EASI, you’ll have all the advantages of a fantastic employee benefits plan without all the overhead costs and associated stress. 

Advantages of Outsourcing Employee Benefits

Rather than paying the high cost of an in-house HR staff, EASI can assist you with developing, implementing, and administering your employee benefits plans. We can develop a benefits package that takes into account rewarding employees while also maximizing tax advantages for both you and them. This may include a customized employee benefits package that encmompasses the most popular employee benefits, retirement, 401k, and profit-sharing plans, as a thank you for all the hard work that contributes to the success of your company.

It is important to know what you are willing and able to pay upfront before implementing an employee benefit plan. One of the first things that needs consideration is how much money will be invested in different types of benefits, such as retirement or medical coverage? Beyond the legally required employee benefits in Mississippi, you may want input from employees to determine the best employee benefits for your particular workforce. Beyond the most common employee benefits package, will you include worker’s compensation or unemployment insurance? These (and more!) are all important questions to consider when making benefits package decisions and you can rely on EASI’s expertise to help you with all of it! 

Most Commonly Offered Employee Benefits in MS

When you think about insurance to offer employees, it’s likely that health coverage is at the top of your list. You’re on the right track! In addition to major medical and supplemental coverage, EASI manages other types of insurance that are vitally important to the long-term health of your business.

With a comprehensive benefits plan, employees are eligible for various benefits including health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, worker’s compensation, and more. This can include bonuses that reward the hard work of staff members, as well as reimbursements for work-related education, service awards, and retirement packages.

What Disability Options Should I Offer My Employees?

Another component of a robust employee benefits package is coverage for your employees in the case that they become unable to work. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

EASI manages the workers’ compensation insurance you need to keep your business afloat. Accidents can happen anywhere and it is important that when they do, your organization will be ready with EASI’s comprehensive policy to protect employees in the event of a job-related illness or injury. EASI can make sure you remain in complete compliance with regulations and reporting requirements for the success and safety of everyone involved. 

Short-term Disability & Long-term Disability

If an employee cannot work due to illness or accident, a comprehensive disability plan provides for income replacement with short term disability or long term disability. These are different from worker’s compensation as they pay benefits for non-work related illness and injury.

Best Mississippi Employee Benefits Administration Company

EASI is here to help your business reach the ultimate goal of success. We know that you want to reward and incentivize your employees, while also maximizing tax advantages for yourself as a business owner or corporation. This can be done with our assistance in developing, implementing, administering benefit plans, retirement planning, and profit sharing, to name a few.

When you use EASI as your employee benefits consulting company, we sit down with you and examine everything you need to know, including what are employee benefits, employee benefits examples, reasons to offer employee benefits, types of benefits for employees, and the importance of offering employee benefits. We leave everything on the table so that you can move forward, making the most informed decisions. 

In addition to our consulting services, we offer full-service HR management outsourcing services in Mississippi. If you’d like to leave the work of employee benefits administration (and more) to us, you’ll be in the most experienced hands! EASI has earned the reputation as one of the top rated employee benefits outsourcing companies in Mississippi by our hard work and dedication to our clients. Gone are the days when you have to spend valuable time and money on employee benefits management. Put it all in our capable hands and reap the many rewards!