Voluntary benefits from Colonial Life

We provide critical support to employees when the unexpected happens – whether it’s an accident, illness or injury.



Accident Insurance

Benefits paid directly to you that can help pay expenses if a covered accident occurs


Cancer Insurance

Helps offset out-of-pocket expenses incurred from initial diagnosis through recovery. Provides an additional benefit for cancer screening tests


Critical Illness

Provides a lump-sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a covered illness. These payments can be used however they are needed


Life Insurance

Provides the financial support your loved ones need if you pass away


Disability Insurance

Replaces a portion of your income if you are sick or hurt and unable to work

Ensure your family and future are protected

You’ve worked hard to build a life that you and your family love. We work hard to help you protect it – even when challenging times get in the way.

Our insurance benefits focus on three key areas:


Protecting your finances

We assist with the indirect, out-of-pocket costs of qualifying accidents and sicknesses – the costs that major medical insurance typically doesn’t pay.


Supplementing Medical Insurance

Our benefits can be used to help cover the direct medical costs of qualifying accidents and sicknesses.


Promoting wellness

We promote healthier lifestyles and preventive measures by offering benefits for certain wellness and health screening tests.